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As nature can be unpredictable at times, it is a good idea to be prepared so that you can get the most out of your experience and enjoy whatever Mother Nature has chosen to display on any given day.

Beach Puddles

Before the activity

Upon booking, all relevant information regarding the activity will be provided.

Together we will determine the:

  • Date

  • Arrival and start times

  • Duration of the walk

  • Location

  • Parking information

  • Any special requirements or needs

  • Information regarding facilities- toilets, water, shelter

  • The specific meeting point

  • Participant Agreement and Release Form



        Contact Information Form

Beach Puddles
National park

What to bring:

As the Nature Activities can involve travelling through different bushland, forest and costal environments, please come appropriately dressed for the weather; including rain, wind and sunshine. ​

When the weather is warm it is important to ensure that you bring enough water to drink (some locations do not have access to drinking water). Some activities where you may be sitting for a period of time so ensure in the cooler weather that you have warm clothes (including beanies, gloves, scarf, jacket and layered clothing)

  • Closed-toe shoes or boots (no thongs or sandals)

  • Hat

  • Jacket- wind and rain proof

  • Small bag to carry your equipment

  • A small mat to sit on

  • Water

  • Sunscreen, hand sanitiser, insect repellent and any required personal medications.

Important Information

  • Please ensure that you communicate with us any specific needs to assist us to best support you.

  • The get the most benefit from the activities phones and cameras should be turned off.

  • All rules and regulations currently in existence at the location apply. For example, no pets or fires in National Parks.

  • Respect all plants, animals and others.

  • Please make contact prior to the walk to check if pets can join in.

  • Limit walks to the number of participants allowed. 

  • We follow a “Leave No Trace” policy. Please do not litter and take your rubbish when you leave.

  • If for any reason you can't attend the activity please provide as much notice as possible.

  • Participants are kindly requested to observe silence and quiet mindfulness as requested.

Sun through the Branches

Respect & Responsibility 

Sol Synergy has the right to refuse to allow a person to participate in the activity for any reasonable circumstance such as, but not limited to, the following examples: 

  • If anyone , is not suitably dressed or prepared for the walk; or, willfully harms or damages any property, flora, or fauna; or, behaves in a manner that is dangerous, intimidating, disruptive, or disrespectful to your Nature Therapy Guide, fellow participants, the park authorities or other park users.

  • Bad and/or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Nature Therapy should always be a safe & inclusive space for everyone.

  • At the end of the activity your Nature Therapy Guide may provide you with a Participant Feedback Form for you to provide honest & candid feedback on the walk by completing the form on the day. This information is used solely to learn as a Nature Therapy Guide and improve the business and is not used for marketing or shared with any external parties. Your information is kept secure and privacy is maintained with all information you have provided to Sol Synergy


Adverse Weather

  • If the weather forecast is indicating that any adverse weather conditions are likely Sol Synergy will endeavour to contact you before the activity to discuss postponement as your safety is our primary responsibility. If you have such concerns then please contact us. 

  • Adverse weather does not include normal levels of heat, rain or wind - provided everyone has dressed appropriately for the forecasted weather (for rain, umbrellas are okay, but a jacket would be essential). If however there were any of the following: lightning, thunderstorms, hailstorms, strong winds, flooding, severe heat, severe cold, dust storms, smoke or bushfire danger then these would be considered unsafe conditions and the walk should not proceed. 


Postponement & Cancellation Policy

  • Sol Synergy reserves the right to postpone an activity for any reasonable circumstances, such as forecasted adverse weather, and will discuss rescheduling or providing a refund with you.

  • If you choose to cancel the walk less than 24 hours before the scheduled time then Sol Synergy reserves the right to offer no refund. Please speak with us if this situation occurs as we are happy to discuss your options.

  • Please request the cancelation policy for more information.

Any no-shows for a scheduled walk will result in no refund being provided by Sol Synergy.


We expect all our participants to be respectful of our business and contact us ahead of a scheduled walk if your circumstances change.

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