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Natured based therapy for the Earth, mind, body and soul

Our health and wellbeing is linked to our connection with nature. When our lives get busy, stressful or an event impacts you significantly, we can lose the connection with nature we need to have balance, harmony and calmness. We may no longer hear the wisdom of the forest or the wisdom we hold within ourselves.


By reconnecting with nature, being present and slowing down we can benefit from the therapeutic power of being in the natural environment.

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Welcome to Nature Based Therapy

Ready to reconnect, relax and rejuvenate?

Nature Therapy incorporates evidence based strategies to provide therapeutic interventions in a natural setting to enhance growth, connection, and resilience.

Our health and wellbeing are linked to our connection with nature. When our lives get busy,  stressful or there is adversity, we can lose the connection with nature that is required to have balance, harmony and calmness.

Nature Therapy provides a safe and support space where you can be guided on the journey of healing.

Nature therapy is a research-based practice for supporting healing and wellbeing through immersion into the atmosphere of forests and natural environments.

Forest Therapy relies on trained guides, who set a deliberate slow pace and invite people to experience the pleasure of nature through all of their senses.

It encourages people to be present in the body, enjoying the sensation of being alive and deriving profound benefits from the relationship between ourselves and the natural world.


What is Nature Therapy?

Blue Skies

Why Nature Based Therapy?

Your guide will facilitate a sensory and creative experience using a blend of activities to focus on slowing down, being present and awakening your senses to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.


Nature therapy is both a personal and shared experience with space to contemplate nature on your own and with others to build positive connections  with other people, the environment and yourself.

Sol Synergy would like to acknowledge the Gunaikurnai people from the Bidwelli, Kroatungolung, Brabrolung, Briakolung and Bratauglung clans as the First Peoples and Custodians of this land and pay my respect to the elders past, present and emerging for they hold the memories, traditions, culture and hopes of the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island peoples of this country.

Their timeless care and connection to land, sea, culture and community offers us this opportunity to connect with nature.

Sol Synergy is committed to walking alongside the Gunai Kurnai people who care for the land, sea, culture and community to promote resilience, wellbeing and connection.

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